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Wednesday, February 02, 2005



well kind of....i found some amazing news out.. I AM SO EXCITED. but you all will have to be left in suspense, because i have to keep it a secret for a little while. AHHH

anyways today kind of sucked...i slept in and didn't go to computer class because i was going to study for my bio test. But of course not, i didn't study at all. It wasn't that bad though.

Its been a while since i've updated..so i will fill you in on my weekend
Friday: Worked ughhh then Kelli,Carrie,Chrissie,and uncle scott came!! i was so relieved to see them. I needed my people :) Plato picked us up that evening and it was just so much fun. We went to eat at the Peaunut Barrell(sp?) and then to his house and the mall and then beaners and then we all came back here and played zobmondo, then he left and we just talked and talked.
Sat: MCR Convention. I have to say it was pretty fun and interesting. So we all rode up to kalamazoo w/ plato and jen also. she is so funny. It was just a good time. That darn matt hall pissed me off though. then we went to the game in the evening which was extremely fun. Carrie won a t-shirt for her dancing abilities haha and she talked a lot w/ kelvin torberts friend. It was just fun. CHrissie and Uncle Scott were back for that, but then left and we stayed and plato picked us up from the breslin and we went to justines house. Shes a nother cr who was having a major kegger lol. I didn't really feel like drinking, it just doesn't seem alot of fun to me, so i just hung out and talked to carrie and plato most of the time. My sister sure had fun though
and then they had to leave on sat for chrissies b-ball tournament, which was sad, but it was nice to see them.

That was exciting weekend. On to HW now........