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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Today was a good day actually. I had my first computers test and I finished in like 20min. No one else was even close to being done...so I figured I did something wrong and went back over the whole thing and still no one had finished. So I just handed mine in and left. It was so easy though...but I guess I'm a computer nerd. Then I went to ISB....which was pointless. We learned about a bubbleheads and bubbletrees. I still have to finish my freaking colefired power plant paper for tomorrow. AHHHHHHhhhhhhh

I AM SO EXCITED FOR FRIDAY. kelli,carrie,chrissie and uncle scott are coming. I guess on Sat. Carrie made us plans to go w/ Plato to the convention here and my vote is very important i guess! whooooo anyways Plato will be picking us up....:) lets just say it will be fun! Then Sat. night we are going to the basketball game, another fun evening because we always have amazing seats.I can't wait until next year and hopefully Carrie will be down here and Ican talk to her whenever i want. We are definately the ones who will be chatting over coffee on a friday night rather than going to a stupid party. AHh i can't wait.

On another note, Delco Rowley is in my bio class. Today I looked over at him and he was eatting a full taco bell meal. Just thought you'd all like to know :)


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